Voice Coach, Carmen Jones

Carmen Jones' voice coaching has garnered excellent Yelp reviews (see some of them on our "Testimonials" page)

She has worked professionally with many award-winning artists, including:

Jamie Foxx, Al B. Sure, El DeBarge, Howard Hewett, Jeffrey Osborne,  Master P. and Dwayne Wiggins. 

For more info and a full bio, please visit the Official Carmen Jones website.

About Us
  • Serving the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Private Vocal Training (Singing Lessons) for Adults & Children
  • Training by Voice Coach and professional singer, Carmen Jones
  • All levels and all music styles.
  • Our Visual Feedback Technique allows student's to "see" their voice for enhanced vocal training.
  • Available on weekday afternoons and on weekends
  • Close to popular shopping & dining so you can run errands before, or after your lessons.  Or, even during the lessons if your child is the student.

 Voice Lessons will help you...

  • increase vocal range
  • learn effective breathing techniques
  • learn to hold long notes
  • build vocal strength
  • blend smoothly between head voice and chest voice
  • master multiple musical and vocal styles
  • sing high notes with ease
  • gain confidence for vocal performance, and for life, in general.